We provide weekly departures from our terminal in Istanbul to dozens of EU and CIS hubs. Your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment is always time-critical, requiring the right solutions. At ASGARD, LTL shipments receive top priority, as this department is the "kernel" of our company. Handling partloads necessitates expertise, customs knowledge, truck administration, warehouse infrastructure, and cargo planning for cost and time optimization. We meticulously plan lead times and delivery corridors to reduce costs and transit times.

Asgard’s central free warehouse and customs-bonded terminal are strategically located on the European coast of Istanbul, positioned next to both Ambarli Container Port and Istanbul Truck Customs. This advantageous location enhances our service quality for transit shipments arriving from Europe by trucks or from overseas by containers, destined for their final locations. Transit goods account for 27 percent of Asgard Transport's overall part-load activity, covering shipments to third countries. Thanks to our extensive partner network, there is a weekly part-load flow to and from our central warehouse to regions where we deliver part-load shipments on a daily or weekly basis.